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7 Days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Q1: Will I get to see my artwork before it is printed?

Absolutely!  We will not print a product, until you have seen and approved of your artwork through your order profile, via our customer center.  We will work directly with you, until you love the artwork.

Q2: Do you ship to Australia? Brazil? Egypt? Paris? OuterSpace?

We sure do!  We ship all over the world!

Q3: Im not sure if my photo will work, how will i know?

If you are not sure if your picture will work, do not worry, we will work with you and help you find a picture that will work, and get you a pop art that you absolutely love!

Q4: How long does it take?

Once your purchase is made, we receive your picture and get right to work.  Your proof will take between 1-2 business days.  Once your artwork is complete, we will upload it to your order profile and await either an approval, or edit requests by you.
 Edits will take 1 business day.  

Q5:  What if I'm unsure of what background I want?

Not a problem!  Select one you think may look cool, If you do not like it, simply make an edit request,
and one of our artist will select a new background for you.

Q6:  Can I have multiple pets on one pop art?

We believe every pet deserves its own pop art. Our style is designed for one pup per pop art.

Q7:  I don't like white shirts, do you offer any other color beside white?

We understand white might not be your thing.  We keep the shirts white,to really make the pop art really pop!  We like the white to represent a blank canvas for our artwork.Its not to say we wont be adding more products in the future, so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated

Q8:  What if I don't like my artwork?

Our goal is to make sure you fall in love with your artwork.  We understand that sometimes it may not end up like imagined, that is why we offer complete satisfaction or your money back.We can always try another picture, however if you are still not feeling it,
we will refund your purchase, only if the customer does not click approve and finalize.

Q9:  What if my pet is not a dog?

Don't let the name fool ya!  We pop all pets!  So feel free to upload a picture of your pet cat, rabbit, frog, gecko, unicorn etc..  All we ask is you own the rights or have permission to use the photo.