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How does 9Barks give back?

The 9Barks community is one that cares for the health and happiness of cats, dogs, kittens & puppies.

Through the donation program with Rescue Bank®, we are able to feed dogs & cats across United States who live in shelters, rescues, adoptions centres, sanctuaries, and in foster programs. When we lift the financial burden of food supplies, shelters are in a better position to direct funds towards things such as spaying and neutering. Animal’s bellies are filled and the 9Barks community learns about amazing organizations via direct email and our extensive social media network.

We donate every month and participate in numerous other activities that support the rescue and well-being of dogs and cats in need.

Where Are The Meals Distributed?

The following map displays RescueBank’s Partner Distribution Center Across the United States:


Would your organization like to be a beneficiary of 9Barks community giving?

If you would like us to consider your organization please send an e-mail with more information about your organization - hello@9barks.com