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Why having a dog is the Best During the Holidays


Having a dog during the holidays is the best. why is that? Well, let’s take a look at the top five reasons why having a dog truly is best during this time of the year.

  • Unwrap for Success

Dogs love to unwrap stuff, and not only that, they look adorable and silly when they do it, perfect for some great social media pics.

Credit: Carole Carey

  • Holiday Art

You can put your pets into holiday pictures, and while they might give you a look signifying how much they hate you, they still look super cute, and it’s worth the picture and effort.

Credit: MattysFlicks

  • Heartwarming holiday Cards

What’s better than a generic Christmas card? One with a pet of course! You can take holiday pictures of your pet, and they make the perfect Christmas cards to send to others.

Credit: Shelfieboy

  • Get them to visit Satna

If your pet can handle it, I highly recommend visiting Santa. There are holiday pet events, and come on, pets look super cute when they’re posing with the man in red, that’s for sure.

Credit: Paws in the City

  • The Santa hats

And finally, let’s talk about the Santa hats. You can put them on your pet, and they will probably look at you like you’re crazy, but come on, it’s super cute. They might hate you for it, but it’s worth the Instagram pics

Credit: Gilbrito Gonzalez

Christmas is such a fun time, and you can enjoy it even more with these great ideas you can try with your dog. Trust me, they will love or, or maybe dislike it, but since they love you, they’ll tolerate it for you.

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