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Why Fostering is Awesome

Birthday surprise: To give you a bit of context, for my girlfriend's birthday I prepared a surprise with these 2 little kittens from VOKRA. The moment she meets them is purrfect 🐱💝 Read the text she wrote below!
Growing up with four cats, it was inevitable that I’d become a cat lover. Since leaving for college, I’ve been dreaming of the day when I can have cats back in my life. But I soon realized that having a pet (of any kind) is a big responsibility! You are committing to caring for that animal for the next 10-15 years (or more!). While I will be at some point, I’m just not ready for that sort of commitment right now. 

Just after moving to Vancouver, BC, I was chatting with a friend who was telling me about her experience fostering kittens. She told me that she was volunteering with VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association), a local non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of cats and kittens in and around Vancouver. The whole process seemed really easy and a great way to have kittens (!!!!) in your life without the responsibility of adopting them. She told me that she was fostering a pair of 7-week kittens for a few months until they were old enough to be adopted. I was immediately interested, and a month or so later my boyfriend surprised me with two little foster kittens of our own.
VOKRA provided absolutely everything. They loaned us a litter box, blankets, and toys for the kittens, and gave us all of the litter and cat food (even cat treats) that these kittens need. We were so happy to welcome little Mac and May to our home, and although they were very shy at first, within just the first week they were purring and very happy. The whole process has been just so wonderful. We get to see these two cuties grow up and develop very distinct personalities. VOKRA has been amazing with providing any support we need, and they even had a volunteer come to our house to give the kittens their vaccinations. 
Now our kittens are ready for adoption, and as cute as they are I’m sure it won’t take long! While it will be hard to say goodbye, it’s incredible to know that we were able to give them a safe and happy life so far! And we will definitely be looking to fill their room with more kittens very soon :)
A special thanks for super talented, Lisa Brideau who took these amazing shots of these 2 troublemakers :)
I would 100% recommend becoming a foster to anyone. It is an incredibly rewarding, fun and heart-warming experience. For anyone outside of Vancouver, contact your local shelter to find out if you can become a volunteer foster!

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