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The Five Foods Dog Owners Should Avoid

When it comes to your pets, you might wonder what you should and shouldn't feed them. Fortunately, we can tell you what not to give them.  Here are the top five foods you shouldn't feed your dog, and why these should be avoided. 


This might seem like the most obvious, but it still happens a lot.  Chocolate is given to dogs by some owners that don't know any better, but it's extremely toxic for dogs.  Theobromine is super toxic to dogs, and it's found in all chocolates, but especially dark chocolate and baking chocolate.  If a dog has this, they could vomit, have diarrhea, or sometimes have seizures and die.  Don't risk this

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Fatty Meats

Bacon and high fat meats might seem strange to not give a dog, but this can cause pancreatitis in most canines, and they're high in salt too.  It can then cause stomach issues in dogs, or worse they could have too much water and bloat, which is fatal in dogs. 


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Foods with Lots of Salt

Salty foods are really bad for dogs, since they can cause sodium ion poisoning, and excessive thirst and urination.  It also might cause them to vomit, diarrhea, fevers, seizures, and even make them bloat.  Minimize this in dogs if you're sharing with them. 

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Don't give your dog onions or garlic.  It  won't give your dog dragon breath or make them resist the undead, but it can actually cause the red blood cells to be destroyed, which in turn causes anemia, but if you give them a small dose it's not bad. A large dose however can lead to poisoning, and if you see weakness, vomiting, breathlessness, or even a loss of interest in food look into this.  

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You may not notice this one, but it's sneaky, since a little bit won't kill the dog, but it does lead to renal failure.  This can cause vomiting, kidney problems, lethargy, and even death.  Keep this out of the reach of dogs.  

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These five foods should be avoided in all dogs.  Ideally, stick to the dog food they're given, and they shouldn't have any problems.  


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