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The Beginner’s Guide to Office Dogs

If you want to start bringing your dog to your office with the idea that they’ll stay under the desk on their comfy bed, quiet all day, it won’t be that easy! But there are some easy steps you can take if you want to be able to successfully bring your dog to work with minimal distractions. 

We’ve curated some of the top tips you should start applying to your schedule before you step one foot (or paw) through the door, and trust us, it’s worth it. Not only do office dogs bring out the best in everyone, it’s actually proven that office dogs reduce stress of the entire office and lead to more productive work days! So they will help you get your work done and they’ll bring some much needed positivity into any office environment which usually tends to be stark and sterile.

1 Get That Energy Out!

Image Source: Paw Culture

The easiest ways to make sure your pup is calm and relaxed not only around other people in the office, while also avoiding getting too overwhelmed and hyper from all the attention they’re about to receive when they first arrive, is to make sure you have time to take your fur baby out on a walk before heading to the office. Not only will commuting there be less of a pain, but your pup will behave and most likely nap until lunch time. When they start to get rowdy, be sure to take them on a brisk walk around the block if you have to, this is key to making sure your office buddy doesn’t become a distraction!

2 Bring A Comfy Bed

Image Source: Dog-Milk

Always make sure you bring a cozy bed to the office or even just keep it there under your desk if it’s not an issue with the office. This way they’ll have their own spot where they can feel safe if they start to feel overwhelmed which is quite common when bringing your dog into an area where they will be getting a ton of attention!

3 Make Sure They Have Easy Access To Food & Water

Image Source: Howl & Home

Another necessity that needs to be taken into account is to remember food and water, while this might be common sense, you don’t realize how much easier your life can be if you have a self feeder bowl for water and food under your desk! That way you don’t have to interrupt your workflow to cause a ruckus when it comes to refilling the water and food bowls! They even have travel size options that would be perfect for little office visits!

4 Always Have Toys

Image Source: Casey Ray's STL Dog Trainers

This is a must! You should always bring some of your pup's favorite toys with you, not only will they feel comfortable and more at home in their desk cave, they’ll be less prone to aggression if they have some of their favorite things there with them. Stray away from toys that have squeakers since you don’t want that loud noise to be repeating and echoing throughout the office, but a 2-3 selection would be perfect!

5 Especially Chew Bones!

Image Source: Wikiwand

Not only do your pups need their favorite plushies, they also need something to occupy their time, like a chew bone! Finding a toy that’s not an actual bone, such as a dental stick that’s good for cleaning their teeth and takes a while for them to get through is preferable, since you don’t want the whole office to smell like jerky! Take a pack with you or just keep some at your desk so when your pup wants attention you can give them a pat and a bone to keep them busy until their next walk around the block!



Featured Image Source: Napa's Daily Growl 





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