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Say My Name: This Week's Top Pet Nicknames

Have you ever felt stumped when trying to come up with a punny name for the newest member of your animal kingdom? Well have no fear, we’ve curated a selection of funny and wacky names that will help banish that stress!

We’ve also made sure to highlight some different species as well. Let us know what your favorite name was this week by commenting and sharing this post with your friends!

1 Tango Mango (Dog)

Image Source: Snappy Pixels

How could you not want to name a little orange pup this adorable name! It’s perfect for a pup that’s full of energy and never seems to stray from their happy attitude. The name Tango Mango would be perfect for a dog that is small, yet thinks they’re bigger than they actual are, just like a Pomeranian or a Chihuahua!

2 Dude (Cat)

Image Source: LOLWOT

If you have a laid back kitty that doesn’t do anything all day except sleep in the sun coming through the window and maybe flicks their tail at the sound of wet food being cracked open, you’ve got yourself a cat that totally needs to be named Dude!

3 #Ad (Hamster)

Image Source: Twitter @Jenna_Marbles

Yes this is an actual name given to a hamster owned by Julien and Jenna, two YouTubers who not only love their furry friends, but also a dash of humor in their everyday lives! Their little orange hamster is adorable and the story behind the name is because YouTubers always have to announce when there is a sponsored ad in their video and that running joke turned into naming their newest family member Ad, how ridiculous and cute!

4 Swedish (Fish)

Image Source: Mother Nature Network

As in, Swedish Fish candy. It’s actually pretty cute, we’re not gonna lie! Just promise us that you won’t take a bite of your little fish, that's not cute whatsoever!

5 Jimmy Talon (Bird)

Image Source: The Indian Express

How genius is this! We’re pretty sure Jimmy Fallon would be proud! The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Talon!


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