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Hungry Pooch Goes Wild by Scarfing down a Three-Tier Wedding Cake.

For any couple, the last thing they expect is for a dog to eat a wedding cake.  But for Bella the Labrador, that's exactly what she did.  She ate the 120 euro chocolate centerpiece just hours before the couple were to be married. 

Liam and Donna Mahon woke up the morning of their wedding day to a guilty pooch with a wrecked wedding cake and crumbs around her mouth.

for Donna, who was a bridesmaid, her first reaction was tears.  the cake was totally destroyed and Bella sat there like she knew she did something wrong.  However, Liam was just as much to blame in this, because he didn't close the door to the cage where Bella was, and on that night, Bella chose to burst open the door and have at the cake. 


Photo credit: Glen Milikin 

Donna originally took the cake off the hands from a fellow bridesmaid who spent the night with the bride.  It was a beautiful cake crafted over two days by using over 10 kg of ingredients before it was delivered on Friday and placed in the couple's kitchen.  Donna and Gemma the other bridesmaid, planned to take the cake to the venue before watching the big ceremony.  The cake was a work of art, but on that morning Donna wasn't, for she was so pale and shaky it was almost as if the wedding was called off. It wasn't, but in her mind, it might as well have been. 

Photo credit: Glen Milikin 

Both bridesmaid's were screaming, realizing that it was literally a dog's dinner, and they needed to think of a solution fast.  They fired messages all over social media asking for help, and eventually reached another cake maker who whipped up another cake in less than three hours.  

Bella has a sweet tooth, and according to Liam, she had gotten out once before during the night, and from there she ate 20 baked cupcakes in the kitchen.  

Bella also was going bonkers herself, running around due to a sugar high caused by the cakes.  Hopefully this is a lesson learned for the cake making couple, and something they'll watch for in the future.  

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