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Dog Wedding Photos that Love Can Happen in Whatever Form

When someone thinks about getting married, they usually think about two people, a cake, and usually, a ceremony involving two humans. But, have you wever seen dog wedding photos? Well for Reddit user Gallowboob, the dream of having two dogs grow together, play, and sharing their love and "marriage" between their two dogs was totally possible.

The canine couple is Kaya the White Shepard and Hades the black German shepard, and they became a sensation overnight when their wedding pictures were posted.  They're extremely cute, and to see more of these, you can go to kayatheshepard on Instagram to see the loveable pooches

Here are a few photos of them.  All credits go to kayatheshepard on Instagram

Here we have the groom giving the bride a kiss.  Smooch!

Then there's the bride with something old and something new. 

The lovely couple cuddling. 

And finally a wholesome image of these two together.  

These dog photos show that love knows no boundries and sometimes love can be between two canines. 

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